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For Advertisers

Unlock unlimited potential with Beez.ai’s partnership management platform.

Gain access to 10,000+ marketing partners, only pay for high-quality traffic, seamlessly integrate multiple channels, achieve intelligent growth on a large scale, increase brand recognition, and attract customers worldwide.

Our automation technology streamlines every type of partnership, including affiliates, influencers, strategic partners, mobile apps, publishers and more. Scale your program and drive rapid business growth with Beez.ai’s comprehensive platform.


Why beez.ai

Elevate your affiliate partnerships to new heights

Our automation tools make it easy to expand your program and work with a variety of partners, including influencers, strategic business partners, mobile apps, and publishers. Scale your business and see significant growth with Beez.ai’s partnership platform.

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Better tracking & reporting

Connect our AI to your exchange account and invest crypto automatically

Increased scalability

Tap into a large pool of potential partners

For Publishers

Unlock Unlimited Earnings Potential

Earn from your traffic with access to the highest paying offers, and 24/7 support, promote across various industries, receive reliable weekly payments, and track progress with advanced tools.

Connect with top brands that align with your audience using Beez.ai’s partnership platform. With thousands of brands seeking out affiliates, you’ll have access to a wide range of opportunities to grow your business.

Exclusive offers and cutting-edge technology

Discover new opportunities for growth as an affiliate, influencer, or creator.

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Reaching Thousands of Users Worldwide

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Learn Affiliate Marketing

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Maximizing Earnings and Reach: The Benefits of Joining an Affiliate Network for Affiliates and Advertisers

Variety of products

Access to a variety of products and services to promote

Tracking and reporting

detailed tracking and reporting

payment processes

The weekly payment process for affiliates, makes it easier

Exclusive offers

Access to exclusive promotions and offers


What people say

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“I’ve been using beez.ai for a few months and it’s great. Wide range of products, helpful tracking and reporting tools. Highly recommend it.”

Nick Green
Gambling affiliate

“As a newbie, beez.ai has been great. Good support, resources and exclusive offers that helped me increase my earnings. I highly recommend it.”

Dora Adams
Forex Affiliate

“Been in the industry for a while, beez.ai is one of the best networks I’ve worked with. User-friendly platform, top-notch offers, and helpful support team. I highly recommend it.”

Paul Rojers
How to get paid?

Track your sales and earnings securely at every step. Receive transparent reporting with our trustworthy platform showing your exact pay based on performance. Receive total commission payments weekly through bank transfer, bitcoin, Neteller, Qiwi, Skrill, or WebMoney, as preferred.